Life is Smell, Life is 〇〇 workshop @ Art and syrup gallery

Summer  Program: 9/18  ①13:00-15:00 ②16:00-18:00

Winter program: 12/19 ①11:00-12:00②13:00-15:00 ③16:00-18:00

Participants: 3~4

Facilitator: Hisako Inoue , Curator: Noriko Takahashi

participation fee: Summer①②(¥4,000) Winter ①(¥2,000) ②③(¥4,000)


Participants will look back on their lives through experience of sense of smells from past to present, share their memories of smells they have felt at milestones in their lives, and create their own "Timeline by smell". We hope that this will be an opportunity to look back at our own times and way of life by discussing the smells of our lives, such as childhood memories that the invisible world of smells reminds us of, and our forgotten strengths and weaknesses, and by creating our own "smell timeline".

Kun kun walk@NISANKAI, Yokohama


Kunkun Cup  [Everyone's atelier, Inclusive program] @ Yokosuka art museum

September 1st, Online workshop as Youtube

Yokosuka Art museum web link: https://www.yokosuka-moa.jp/archive/event/2022/20220218-11.html

The Story of Smell online program from 2020

This program invites various professionals who are Hisako's friends and colleagues. I created an online program in 2020 as an innovation in the art communication program in the pandemic.

Official HP: https://smell-conversation.jimdofree.com

Kunkun twilight @Minatomirai, Yokohama -Light your heart on fire program- 2020

February 6(Thursday),8(Saturday),9(Sunday)

Cooperated:Shiseido S/Park, Tsutaya Minatomirai, Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, Izzy's Cafe 

Photo by Hiroyuki Horigome, Hisako Inoue

【主催】関内イノベーションイニシアティブ株式会社【共催】 横浜市温暖化対策統括本部・ヨコハマSDGsデザインセンター

【特別協賛】三菱地所株式会社 【協力】ヨコハマミライト実行委員会・グランモール公園愛護会


The Library of Smell @ Nara prefectural Library and Information center in 2019

September 8th, 10:00-13:00

Facilitators: Hisako Inoue + Mika Shirasu


Target: over 12 year-old

Structure and Memory of book @Hibiya Library and museum in 2019

September 21( Sat.)+28(Sat.)

Schedule: 14:00-16:00

Lecture: RelieurKohji Okamoto + Artist:Hisako Inoue


Registration Fee:¥1,000

Place: Small hall at the library

We don't abandon our daily lives @ Setagaya lifestyle design center in Tokyo

October 14(13-15pm), 22 and Nobember 4(10-17pm),2019

Collaboration with Mika Shirasu (Olfactory researcher)

Documentary video: Hideto Miyuki( media artist)

主催:公益財団法人せたがや文化財団 生活工房 


協力:MUSEUM VILLA STUCK in Munich(Germany)、アーツ千代田3331




Taro de KUN KUN WALK @ Taro Okamoto Museum in Kawasaki in 2019

September 15th, 2019


Facilitator: Hisako Inoue

Program: Participants smelled the relics of the Okamoto family and their collection of books. We then analyzed each inspired feeling and discussed these materials.

Kunkun Island @ Megi-island and Ogi-island -Setouchi international art festival 2019-

The first day: @ Megi Island on August 23rd in 2019.

Megi House- Aichi university of the arts-

Admission fee: ¥500- / Participants: max 10 

Time: 16:00-17:00

Facilitators: Hisako Inoue, 

The Second day: @Megi-Island and Ogi-Island on August 24th in 2019

Acknowledgement : Damonte.co in Ogi Island   https://damonte.co

                                           Ogi Island Library  https://ogijima-library.or.jp

Kunkun Planet with WWF Japan

Workshop @ Yokohama Zoorasia  

August, 2019

Participants: Kids (10~12 age)


Workshop and Event at Okinawa zoo, Kyoto zoo, Yokohama zoorasia and Ueno zoo.

The Library of Smell @ Tamagawa art Gallery in 2019

June 13 and 14



Library books, antiquarian books, and books at home contain traces of human history, time, and culture. We will cultivate multifaceted viewpoints and senses by unraveling the journey of books and their relationships with people, which cannot be visualized with the naked eye, from the paper traces and lingering scents of books, learning about ourselves and others through the perception of smell, and talking about the memories of both parties.

The Library of Smell, an exhibition held at Museum Villa Stuck in Munich (Germany) from fall in 2017 to winter in 2018, visitors were almost 13,000 people. These books were held and sniffed by more 13,000 people at Roppongi Art Night 2018, after that 3331 Art Fair in 2019, The books will continue the process of mutation by nurturing further contact with time and people at the workshop now. I hope you will enjoy the opportunity to look back on your own memories and learn about others through the smell of books.



ERATO東原化学感覚シグナルプロジェクト(JPMJER1202)、未来社会創造事業(JPMJMI17DC)、NPO法人インビジブル、MUSEUM VILLA STUCK in Munich(Germany)、アーツ千代田3331




Kunkun Walk @Tanekura in Hida Prefecture

Collaboration with Yoko Senda, Chieko, Shoko, Aya Okamoto,

Staff: Yuya Oonishi, Akari Horaguchi

May 19th in 2019, Second day of workshop

Program B: 10:00-15:00

May 18th in 2019, the first day of workshop

Program A: 10:00- May 19th 09:00 accommodation program.

Age: 2~70 

Participants: 15

KUNKUN WALK@ 3331 ARTS CHIYODA  /  Art fair in 2019

Facilitators: Hinako Yamaguchi, Atsuko Tsuruta, Rei Ishii

Stamp design: Atsuko Tsuruta

Directed: Hisako Inoue

The Library of Smell @ 3331 ARTS CHIYODA / Art fair in 2019