Summer vacation at a certain art museum @ Chiba city museum of art

16th July -4th September, 2022

Curator: Megumi Hatai

Collaborator: (new)service: Tomoo Nishidate, Rondade

Construction: Office Toyofuku


Tracing My memories with Smells at Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, Tokyo

The workshop report  exhibition

12th- 26th June,2022

Artist: Hisako Inoue

Curator : Yuri Yoshida

Participants: 10 people

Facilitation staffs: Emi Hayashi, Shoko Aoki, Kotoka Hidano, Yui Itomi, Masaki Unozawa

Sign-language interpreters: Yuko Setoguchi, Miwa Wada

Collaboration with Mika Shirasu( Olfactory researcher) and Kampo Life Design (https://www.kampolifedesign.com)

Creative the archive with photo: Aoi Kudo (https://www.instagram.com/aoikudo_aonisai/), Video: Hideto Miyuki

Frier design: Ryusuke Nakakita  https://www.instagram.com/ryusuke_nakakita/?hl=ja    http://nakakitaryusuke.com

Illastration: Ai Miyoshi   https://www.instagram.com/ai_miyoshi/    


Food and Modern art Exhibition Vol.8  BankART1929

 BankART Station

1st -19th October, 2021

Acknowledgement: KampoLifeDesign( Maho Suetsugu) https://www.kampolifedesign.com

Yokohama Beer Co.,Ltd.(Hayato Yokouchi) http://www.yokohamabeer.com

mimiLotus(Hiromi Yoshiike) https://mimilotus.net

Cocktail Bar Nemanja( Tomoyuki Hojo) https://www.bar-nemanja.com

Life is Smell, Life is Chai @ Art and Syrup gallery 2021

Collaboration with Hiromi Yoshiike and Hisako Inoue exhibition-

Art and Syrup gallery in Yokohama

8th August - 7 October in 2021

HP: https://artandsyrup.com/exhibition25_lifeissmellandchai/

photo: Art and Syrup



The Library of Smell workshop document exhibition @ Nara prefectural Library and  information center

The Library of Smell : Document Exhibition at Nara Prefectural Library and Information center

Exhibition schedule: October 22 - November 28,2019


Concept: Mika Shirasu and I did our workshop at the Library on 8th September in 2019. 15 participants selected books of very interesting smells in the library. And they analyzed smells as function evaluations and made own story of memory from books.

And Mika who is an olfactory researcher analyzed the most interesting smell of two books by The GCMS (Gas chromatograph mass Spectrometer) after our workshop.

So now, it began the interactive art exhibition from 22 October, even visitors can take all books by your hands, smelling, looking back on some memories from smell of book, thinking about own memories, and if some people enjoy the exhibition together, please talk each other how did you feel and talk about your memories of smell.


And I thought of " the Library is treasure place of smell world". If you are interested in more smell of books, please read any books by your sense of smell. It brings to open your new senses.





The Imagination from Smell @ Art and Syrup gallery 2019

Photographer: Barbara Donaubauer and Hisako Inoue at Art and Syrup gallery in Yokohama.

Title: The Imagination from Smell

October 8th - November 7th 

Open:12:00 Close:18:00

Address: 5-63-5 Akebono-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan  zip:231-0057 


*Barbara Donaubauer's homepage :https://barbaradonaubauer.de

*Museum Villa Stuck:https://www.villastuck.de/ausstellungen/2017/ricochet11/index.htm

GoodDesign Award 2019