[Talk about Smell, Memory of the town ~Life is Smell~ ] Hisako Inoue Exhibition @ Ono point Art space 

ONOPOINT ART SPACE is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Hisako Inoue, an artist based in Yokohama who creates installations and conducts workshops called "kunkun walk" to stimulate the five senses under the theme of smell and memory. While most contemporary artists create visual art works that appeal mainly to the sense of sight, it is rare to find an artist like Hisako Inoue who pursues the expression of smell that appeals to the sense of smell. For this exhibition, She interviewed people in Tsurumi Ono to ask them to share their memories of smells. The town of Tsurumi changes with the times. The artist will look back on the lives of people who are familiar with the area through their memories of smells, and compose the trajectory of each person's life with smells in the space. 


Interviews: Mr.(son) and Mrs(mom). Hattori, Mr. (son)and Mrs. (mom)Asato, and others Fixture cooperation: Rintaro Hara(contemporary artist)


2023,December 20 Wed.- 2024,February 18 Sun.
Open:Thu.-Sun. Close: Mom.-Wed. 

Hour:11:00 18:00
Reception:December 20 Wed. 19:00-20:00

助成 :横浜地域文化サポート事業・ヨコハマアートサイト2023
企画協力: 象の鼻テラス
主催 : WeTT実行委員会

助成:令和5年度 鶴見区新たなチャレンジ応援補助金