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INOUE Hisako's Exhibition "Life is smell ~The forest of prime numbers~" [Co-organized project]

2024,2/10~3/3 @ ACAC

The IDE Kanako Laboratory of Hirosaki University, Faculty of Education and Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University [ACAC] have been conducting collaborative research since FY2021 on art and the sense of smell which have attracted much attention in the art world in recent years. In order to explore the possibilities of smell in contemporary art, a workshop was held in Nov. 2023 with INOUE Hisako who is an artist conducting smell and memory. During the workshop, participants had time to reflect on themselves and their lives through their individual experiences of smell and to talk with others. This exhibition is the result of the workshop and will be a place where visitors can travel back to their own memories and open their senses to the past, present and future by gaining insight into the characteristics, culture and history of the local site as got glimpses through the experiences of other people’s smells.

From the artist
I visited Aomori and was struck by the region’s unique culture and history, the people’s temperament and their strong sense of responsibility. The relationship between odd and prime numbers in food, clothing and shelter is hidden in the roots of the mingei: folk art of kogin, indigo dyeing, Tsugaru miso and Aomori hiba (hippopotamus), and the meaning of prime numbers as “natural numbers that are unique to oneself” and the unique sense of smell that can only be experienced by individuals. Therefore, I hope that this program will be a time to look back on the life of each participant from the perspective of smells, using the prime number years as a keyword, to connect individual lives, environments, and histories, and to co-create the future from the “world of smells” that we cannot visualize as we live in the present. The results of the workshop will be produced as a life of smells of people living in Aomori from February to early March, 2024. (Inoue Hisako)

Participants of the workshop
AOYAMA Fujiko, OKUBO Ayane, KATSUKAWA Kenzo, KATO Hiroto, Kato Satoe, Kato Natsume, Kato Haruma, KAWAHARA Yoko, TSUKAMOTO Etsuo, MIURA Aki, YAMADATE Tamako, ODAGIRI Mine, KUDO Masayoshi, SHIROTO Harumi, Ide Kanako, AKAISHI Harumi, HIKISHIKIBAYASHI Sayaka, WAKAMATSU Hiroya, TAKEDA Ayari, KINOSHITA Yuji

To make an appointment to visit the exhibition
Tel. 017-764-5200(call from 9:00-17:00)

Exhibition period: Feb. 20 (Sat) – Mar. 3 (Sun), 2024 10:00-16:00 (Final Admission 15:30) *Reservations required (Closed on Feb. 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun))

Ide Kanako Laboratory, Hirosaki University Faculty of Education, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University [ACAC]
In Cooperation with
Aomori Indigo Workshop (in Michi-no-eki Namioka), Aomori City Forestry Museum, Kato Miso Soy Sauce Brewery Co., Aomori Museum of History, AIRS: Artist-in-Residence Supporters, AMEMORI Hiroko, Tokyo University of the Arts

This project is supported by JSPS Grant Aid for Scientific Research 21K18328

めぐる、身体。めぐる、丸の内。@YAU STUDIO and Slit park in Tokyo



語るにおい、街のきおく ~Life is Smell project~ @ Ono Point Art Space in Tsurumi(Yokohama)

ONOPOINT ART SPACE is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Hisako Inoue, an artist based in Yokohama who creates installations and conducts workshops called "kunkun walk" to stimulate the five senses under the theme of smell and memory. While most contemporary artists create visual art works that appeal mainly to the sense of sight, it is rare to find an artist like Hisako Inoue who pursues the expression of smell that appeals to the sense of smell. For this exhibition, She interviewed people in Tsurumi Ono to ask them to share their memories of smells. The town of Tsurumi changes with the times. The artist will look back on the lives of people who are familiar with the area through their memories of smells, and compose the trajectory of each person's life with smells in the space. 

Interviews: Mr.(son) and Mrs(mom). Hattori, Mr. (son)and Mrs. (mom)Asato, and others Fixture cooperation: Rintaro Hara(contemporary artist)


この度ONOPOINT ART SPACEでは、においと記憶をテーマに五感し刺激するインスタレーション制作や、ワークショップ「くんくんウォーク」の表現活動を行っている横浜在住の美術作家、井上尚子の個展を開催いたします。現代美術の多くの作家はヴィジュアルアート作品を制作しており、それら作品は主に視覚に訴えかけますが、井上尚子のように嗅覚に訴えかける匂いの表現を追求する作家は希な存在です。井上尚子は今回の展覧会のために、においの思い出を語ってもらうインタビューを鶴見小野に人々に実施いたしました。時代と共に変化する鶴見の街。地域に馴染み深い人々の人生をにおいの記憶から振り返り、それぞれがにおいと共に歩んできた軌跡を空間に構成してまいります。 

インタビュー協力:服部さん親子、安里さん親子、他 什器協力:原倫太郎

Another art work in 2022

Design production for the celebration of Dr. Haruo Saji's 88th birthday (Kanagawa Kenmin Hall). belonging As the executive committee of Haruo Saji's 88 years old Anniversary(主催:一般社団法人 星つむぎの村)