1974 Born and live in Yokohama, Japan



2022 "Tracing My Memories with Smell" Archive Exhibition, Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, Tokyo 

2017 Exhibition (Takuro Shibayama+ Mika Shirasu) in Museum Villa Stuck in Munich

2011 ”Yui-connection-” exhibition at Fuji xerox art space in Yokohama,

          Collaboration with a marketing researcher and a system engineer of the Fuji Xerox co., ltd.,Yokohama

2002 "Stand by an orange",West Beth Gallery KOZUKA space gray, Nagoya

2000 "Rebellion of VIA",O Gallery TOP'S,Tokyo

2000 "Orange solution", GALERIE LE DECO, Tokyo

2000 "Marble project vol.2, Marble Lovers - on home ground -", Kawaguchi Contemporary Art Studio, Saitama

1999 "Marble project vol.1",Room#1, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Kanagawa

1998 "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag ?", Gallery QS, Tokyo 

1998 "In the same boat with my sister '98", Students Hall, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Kanagawa

1996 "TIME OF GLASS", Students Hall, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Kanagawa

1996 "The struggle for life drifts about at the mercy of the waves," Lieu Place, Moris Gallery Annex, Tokyo




2022  "Summer Vacation at a Certain Art Museum", at Chiba City museum of Art,Chiba

2021  "Food and Modern art vol.8", Installation, at BankART1929 Station, Yokohama

2021 "Life is Smell,Life is Chai" collaboration with Hiromi Yoshiike, at Art and Syrup, Yokohama

2019 GOOD DESIGN 2019 exhibition, at Midtown Roppongi, Tokyo

2016  Kai-yu exhibition (SMF)/ The museum of modern art, Saitama

2016 HEUTE MORGEN LÄRM at KÖSK gallery, Munich

2013  ”Rezonance” exhibition at Zushi cultural hall,

          Collaboration with a scientist of temperature: Mr. Makoto Tominaga at Bioscience center

2005 "UNISIO" Poster, at Bunpohdo Gallery,Tokyo

2005 "Of creation, right now !, Installation,at Nerima ward museum

2005 "Food and Modern art vol.1", Installation, at BankART1929NYK, Yokohama

2004 "Spiral [ART-LIFE], Mr. Shinta Inoue & Mrs. Hisako Inoue, Installation, Spiral:Wacoal art center Inc

2003 "Female who caught light", VOL..1, Installation, Installation, at Pola museum Annex ,Tokyo

2002 "A SPONTANEOUS STYLE-spontaneity-exhibition" Installation, Joshibi Art Museum, kanagawa

2002 "NEW MEDIA NEW FACE'02,"  Installation, Installation, at NTT Inter Communication Center [ICC], Tokyo

2002 "Video Dance Project 2002, March for Dance Fan", Installation, at Auditorium in College of Art, Nihon University, Tokyo

2002 "Art Scholarship 2001", Selected by HASEGAWA Yuko, Installation, at exhibit LIVE,   Tokyo

2001 "KANAGAWA ART ANNUAL "Installation, at Kanagawa Prefecture Hall Gallery, kanagawa

2000 "Joshbi 100th Anniversary Exhibition - in other eyes", Art Museum, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Kanagawa



ARTIST UNIT “AIM[Hisako Inoue and Masako Sano]"




ARTIST UNIT “MHC224[Hisako Inoue and Mika Shirasu]"

Members: Artist: Hisako Inoue / Scientist of olfactory: Mika Shirasu

2022 The Library of Smell

2019 The Library of Smell

2013~ Reading aroma ~ incense ceremony for books~ at art class of Joshibi University of Art and Design

2014 Reading aroma ~ incense ceremony for books~ at Nara prefectural Library and Information Center

2013 Reading aroma ~ incense ceremony for books~ at Meguro art museum, Tokyo

2013 Formed a union in Japan



Members : Architect : Erik Carver / Sound artist : Howard Huang / Installation artist : Hisako Inoue / Curator : Yuka Yokoayma

2007 The first Exhibition at ISE gallery at SOHO in NY

2006 Open Studio at Juvenal Reis Studio #444 in NY

2006 Greeting project in NY, created a Image DVD (the sound and video / space design)

2006 Formed a union in NY


ARTIST UNIT  " Air Plug [Hisako Inoue + Takuro Shibayama]"

Members: Installation artist: Hisako Inoue / Sound artist: Takuro Shibayama

2010 "Beyond the sense " in The Koumi-machi Kougen museum,Nagano prefecture.

2008 "The smell of memories" at Keio university in Hiyoshi,Japan.

2008 ” Raining only my head” at fitting room, Winter season collection of Wacol company



PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE [Workshop/Talk event etc...]


2023 Special Talk session [Exhibition related program] with Aota at Museum of modern art Saitama


2022 Catalogue and DM design work for Haruo Saji 88year-old lecture and concert at Kanagawa prefectural hall, Yokohama

2022 Kun-kun Earth walk at Mori art museum, Tokyo

2022 Kun-kun walk at Chiba city museum of Art, Chiba (exhibition related event)

2022 universal workshop of "Tracing my memories with Smells" at Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, Tokyo

2022 Assistant curator of "Samiro Yuniki 100 year exhibition" at Joshibi university of Arts, Yokohama


2021 Life is Smell, Life is OO  workshop at Art and syrup gallery, Yokohama

2021 Kun-kun walk at NISANKAI, Yokohama

2021 The Library of Smell online workshop

2021 The Story of Smell online workshop


2020 The Story of Smell online workshop




2018 The Library of Smell at Museum Villa Stuck 


2017 Kun-kun walk at 3331 Art fair, Tokyo


2016 Kun-kun walk at Yokosuka art museum (Handicap persons’ program)

2016 Orange box workshop at Sakura Junior High school at Kami-Sakado in Saitama

2016 Kun-kun walk at Market place in Urawa (SMF)/ The museum of modern art, Saitama

2016 ANDER ART FESTIVAL2016 in Munich [Sniffing station]

2016 The Noize festival at Kösk in Munich [silent ensemble] 

2016 Kun-kun walk at Sasebo Art Project in Nagasaki prefecture

2016 Kun-kun walk and Aroma box at Summer art school (Creative Art executive committee)

2016 The Feeling in a park at Yumenoshima Tropical Dome (Kasai-Rinkai Tankentai)

2016 The Feeling in a park at Kana Garden at Hiratsuka in Kanagawa prefecture (Kasai-Rinkai Tankentai)


2015 Special talk program at Bunkyo University

2015 Workshop at Okagami Satoyama Tankentai

2015 Contribution for Aroma research

2015 The Feeling in a park at Tsukuba research Botanical Garden, Ibaraki prefecture

2015 The Feeling in a park at Kasai seaside park, Tokyo (Kasai-Rinkai Tankentai)

2015 Taro’s Kun-kun walk at Taro Okamoto museum of Art, Kawasaki

2015 Kun-kun Night Walkers at Sangen-chaya in Tokyo, Collaboration with Luxen

2015 Kun-kun Flight at ANA Fukushima Airport Collaboration with Ichiji-Gahaku

2015 Kun-kun walk at Shinjuku-ward Tomihisa elementary school in Tokyo

2015 Kun-kun walk at Tokyo tower collaboration with Film director: Hajime Izuki, organized by Happy Tent

2015 Model Production 15 Advisor of Makeup and costume

2015 Kun-kun Flight at Art Fair Tokyo 2015 at International forum of Tokyo (Ichiji-Gahaku)

2015 The Feeling in a park, at Yumenoshima-torpical Dome (Collaboration with Group of Kasai-rinkai Tanken-tai)

2015 Kun-kun Flight at Haneda Airport (TOHOKU Smile project / Ichiji-Gahaku) in Tokyo

2015 Time-Five senses project Vol.4 (feat. Chiya Nara) by Tsunagu-hito forum in Yamanashi

2015 Kun-kun walk at Tomioka all-around park in Yokohama (Yokohama Greenery Foundation)


2014 My Kun-kun Collection at Jinmyou Kinder garden in Tokyo

2014 Kun-kun walk at Wako university,Tokyo  (target generation from 4-11 years old, children)

2014 Kun-kun walk at Ochanomizu, ECOM-Suruga-dai, Art and Society Research Center in Tokyo

2014 The Feeling in a park, Kasai seaside park, Tokyo (Kasai-Rinkai Tankentai)

2014 Kun-kun walk at The museum of modern art, Saitama 

2014 Collaboration workshop with blind and sighted people at Kasai-Rinkai aquarium, Tokyo

2014 Kun-kun walk at Yokohama, training program for teachers


2013 Kun-kun walk collection at Gyo-ko elementary school, target for 4th year students, Tokyo

2013 Kun-kun walk at Okagami forest, Kanagawa (target generation from 4-9 years old, children)

2013 Lecture about Kun-kun walk workshop, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

2013 Kun-kun walk at Edo-Tokyo open air architectural museum, Tokyo

2013 The ceremony of reading aroma at Meguro Art museum, Tokyo.


2012 Kun-kun walk at Inogashira public park in Tokyo green Fes.

2012 Kun-kun walk and appreciation by smell at the Setagaya museum of art in Tokyo. 

2012 Kun-kun walk at Kasai-rinkai park in Tokyo on June and Octber

2012 The Talk event about artworks and workshop at The Museumu of Modern Art,Hayama.

2012 The workshop of "the collection of sniffing" at The Kou-nan elementary school in Tokyo.


2011 The Kun-Kun walk workshop in prefectural university of Kumamoto,Japan.

2011 The Kun-Kun walk workshop collaborated with Patagonia Co.,ltd. at Shibuya store in Tokyo.

2010 The Kun-Kun walk workshop, directed by Zo-no hana terrace and Yokohama creative center

2008 Kun-kun Walk workshop at The National art center, Tokyo.

2008 Kun-kun Walk workshop at Gallery Azamino,Yokohama

2007 Kun-kun Walk workshop at Science agora in Odaiba, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation ,Tokyo

2007 Kun-kun Walk workshop at Joshibi University of design and arts, Kanagawa

2007 Kun-kun Walk workshop at  the event of HAPP,Keio University in Hiyoshi,Yokohama

2007 Kun-kun Walk workshop at Zoorasia,Yokohama

2007 Kun-kun Walk workshop at Kashiwa-no-ha campus, Chiba

2007 “Symposium, Think about The Relationship of Art and Education” in Yokohama, Japan

2006 “I’m an orange!” workshop with The fourth grader of Sakuradai elementary school, Kanagawa

2006 “I’m an orange!” family work shop, Joshibi University of design and arts, Tokyo

2006 “Supplement vol.1” event VJ ,The DOOR Lounge in New York

2006 “The Sand Omusubi project at the Rockaway park beach in New York” workshop and work , New York

2006 “I’m an orange!” family work shop,The Queens museum of Art in New York

2005 Japanese Cultural Affairs Grant, moved to New York

2005 "Can you transform yourself into an orange?" Hands-on workshop, Hara museum of art,Tokyo





2005 News program at 6:30pm/9:00pm   NTV Kanagawa TV

2003 New Sunday art museum  NHK educational television

2001 Television art museum  Fuji Television



 2012 [Edu] Shogakukan a quarterly journal in fall

 2004 [Bijutu-techyo] art magazine /Weekly Pia /Monthly gallery




2012 “Kunkun walk” Yomiuri-children’s newspaper naruhodo83-0919

2010 “Kunkun walk in Yokohama” ASAHI newspaper in Kanagawa area on May 16th

2010  ASAHI newspaper January 1st. /about my art work association with sense of smell.

2009 “Book review” about the story “collection of smell” ,the author is Yoko Ogawa. Iwate daily news Dec.5th.




 2003 Joshibi art museum,Installation,Kanagawa

1999 Archive center of Joshibi University Art and Design, Installation, kangawa

1996 Machida city museum of Graphic arts, print work,Tokyo




2016 Villa Waldberta International artist in residence in Munich (The Cultural department of Arts in Munich)

2005 Bank Art1929 NYK

1999 Dance company LUDENS,The Yamaguchi Akiyoshidai international art village

1998 "Morphe in Mie Prefecture"





2010- still now Part-time teacher at the faculty of art produce and museum studies, Joshibi University of art and design

2010(in a half year) Part-time teacher at Art, Yokohama elementary school

2004-2009 Part-time teacher at the faculty of art department, Joshibi University of art and design

2003-2004 Part-time teacher at the faculty of oil painting, Joshibi University of art and design