The Greeting project  in NY / Video:Hisako Inoue, Sound design:Howard Huang


Orange ceremony @ Nerima Art museum,Tokyo

Exhibition: Among the creations

Place:Nerima art museum

Title:Orange ceremony

Concept  and design:Hisako Inoue

Sound design:Takuro Shibayama


Support staff: Joshibi University of Art and Design


Your molecule weight @ BankART1929NYK

Exhibition :Food and modern art Vol.1

Place: BankART1929NYK, Yokohama

Concept and design :Hisako Inoue

Sound design:Takuro Shibuyama

Construction:Space studio-Tashibutofukushima


Be comfortable a corner in an orange juice at Spiral

The Installation created at the Wacoal art center Spiral, Aoyama in 2004. This exhibition was collaboration with Shinta Inoue and Hisako Inoue. Title was The summer vacation of Orange sheep. This archive video: Hisako's art installation. Concept: Hisako Inoue Sound design: Takuro Shibayama

Photo by Katsuhiro Ichikawa, Hisako Inoue


Last Conclude to play hind and seek @ Polo museum gallery annex, Ginza

Place: Pola museum gallery annex 


Get a smell at Oranges at Inter Communication center [ICC]

New media, new face 2002,(April 26-June 16) Installation: Hisako Inoue Sound design: Takuro Shibayama Construction: Mecenat Ltd. Material: cotton, box, orange fragrance, pillows, sound speaker, screen, projector


Marble project 2001

In 2001, Hisako held her first solo exhibition as an artist at Kawaguchi Modern Art Studio.

Director: Sanae Murata

Sound Design: Takuro Shibayama

Video: Hisako Inoue


Exhibition held from July to September.

Material: Marble chocolate (Meiji Co.,Ltd.) 80,000 grains,  Plastic sheets, Projector, Sound speakers.

Support and Cooperation: The Asahi Shimbun Arts Foundation, Asahi Beer Arts Foundation Inc.