Kids' Summer workshop at Mori art museum as archive photos

On August 20, "Kids' Summer Workshop" was held at Mori Art Museum. The program was "Kun Kun Earth Walk," an olfactory and memory art program by Hisako Inoue. Participants enjoyed walking, smelling, chatting, and recalling their own memories.


facilitators : Emi Hayashi, Kotoka Hidano, Yui Itomi

Curation: learning program of Mori art museum

Collaboration work with :Atsuko Tsuruta (Stamp design)



Everyone's atelier at Yokosuka Museum of Art on YouTube

KUN KUN WALK of Video Distribution on September 1st.2022

Yokosuka  Museum of Art  :https://www.yokosuka-moa.jp/archive/event/2022/20221120-748.html

Kun kun walk @ Chiba city museum of Art( Exhibition related program )

July 16, 2022

Enjoy smelling and searching for smells in the museum's exhibition rooms, workshop rooms, and Saya Hall. It was two sessions,  the morning and  the afternoon programs. The participants expressed their sense of smell with some original stamps as final work.

Facilitators: Hisako Inoue, Yuka Taguchi, Misato Ueda

Museum Educators: Yuka Taguchi, Misato Ueda, Megumi Hatai

Stamp designed by Atsuko Tsuruta.

passport and Flag designed:Hisako Inoue

Photo: Chiba city museum of art, Hisako Inoue

Tracing My Memories with Smells @ Tokyo Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery

May 7,14,21 and June 11, 2022

INOUE Hisako, an artist whose art concept is the relationship between smell and memory, will be invited as a lecturer to experience “smells” with participants. The participants, including the seeing, the blind, the hearing, and the deaf, will discuss “memories of smells” each of them feels. An exhibit depicting each of their “memories of smells” will be created through the workshop. Learn about “smells,” enjoy their resonance and discomfort, and trace your “memory of smells.”


Collaboration with Mika Shirasu and Kampo Life Design (https://www.kampolifedesign.com)

Creative the archive with photo: Aoi Kudo (https://www.instagram.com/aoikudo_aonisai/), Video: Hideto Miyuki

Frier design: Ryusuke Nakakita  https://www.instagram.com/ryusuke_nakakita/?hl=ja    http://nakakitaryusuke.com

Illastration: Ai Miyoshi   https://www.instagram.com/ai_miyoshi/    


Life is Smell, Life is ◯◯ Workshop at Art and syrup, Yokohama

Participants feed back all kinds of memories in their lives while we live human lives. Therefore, in this workshop, we will create a personal odor history board. Our lives have been accumulated through various odor experiences from childhood to this year. In addition, each person has a different experience, family environment, and educational environment depending on the culture and society. Participants use their vocabulary to understand their scent biography and write it down on a sheet.

In this workshop, you can get various scents from the Meiji period and all the materials from Asian countries, all borrowed from Hiromi Yoshiike. If you are interested in this program, please join us.


 18th September,  and 19th December, 2021 

Part.1 1:00-3:00pm Part.2 4:00-6:00pm

Numbers: 4people Admission fee: ¥4,000

* Include small sweets and drinks

* If you participate in the workshop as a participant, please bring scented materials into your daily life and feel it as a unique expression.

Place: Art and Syrup gallery


The Library of Smell online workshop in 2021

This website is archive of The Library of Smell exhibition and workshop from 2017.

Museum Villa Stuck in Munich in 2017-2018, Roppongi art night in Tokyo in 2018, 3331 Art Fair in 2019, Tamagawa art Gallery in 2019, Nara prefectural Library and information center in 2019 and so on.

HP: https://thelibraryof-smell.jimdosite.com